From the February 2007 Issue of The Carolina Tribune

A Tribune Book Review:
The Alienation of America: The Ultimate Betrayal

By Dean Allen, Spirit of Liberty Organization

Author Jeff West has written a powerful book that every thoughtful American needs to read and pass around. Trained as a Biologist, Mr. West received his undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina and his masters degree from Clemson University. In spite of the serious subject, the invasion of America by illegal aliens; the book is easy to read. Travel with the author and his friends as he explores the great outdoors in his job as a biologist. Learn how illegal aliens are living off the land in the rural watersheds of South Carolina and spreading diseases and parasites in the process. Written in a style that is easy to read, first time author Jeff West has skillfully mixed political activism, humor, hard science, stories of his extensive travels in Latin America as a professional athlete, and his Christian testimony into a powerful, and well documented, volume.

West goes behind the scenes to describe how key political figures in South Carolina, including US Senator Lindsay Grahm, have prevented effective legislative solutions to this problem and why. This self published book includes about forty pages of very detailed footnotes that document his controversial thesis with detailed sources for every statistic cited or statement attributed to anyone.

While the invasion by hordes of illegal aliens threatens our laws,contributes to crime in our streets, increases the likelihood of another 9/11 style terrorist attack and overburdens our social welfare system, Mr. West, explains that there are also dangers to public health and to the safety of our agricultural products and our national food supply. He questions whether intestinal parasites, common in Mexico and Central America, together with poor personal hygiene habits of immigrants from backgrounds steeped in extreme poverty are combining to cause the recent national outbreaks of e-coli and other infectious diseases in our national food supply that have been linked to crops including lettuce and spinach?

West, a committed Christian believer, discusses how the laws, culture and fundamental economic system of the United States have each been heavily influenced by our heritage of Christianity. Many of our basic institutions, legal principles, and economic methods, have been heavily influenced by our dominant theology and ethics. West postulates that the absence of these cultural underpinnings, more than any other factor, has contributed to the poverty, repression, and misery common among the governments south of our borders. Another reason to recommend this timely book is that the author presents facts dispassionately and without any hint whatsoever of prejudice or racism. On the contrary, Jeff West, who is fluent in the Spanish language, has a real love for the food, music, culture, and above all the people of Latin America among whom he has lived, worked, played and shared his love of his own country and his love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you only read one book about the immigration crisis facing America in 2007, read The Alienation of America the Ultimate Betrayal by Jeff West of Columbia, South Carolina. I guarantee you will find it easy reading, informative, humorous, frustrating and at times even infuriating. You will also learn a lot you did not know about about our nation and its neighbors south of the border and the looming immigration nightmare. This small volume needs to be in the hands of every student, parent, teacher, religious leader, journalist, and policy maker in America!