Photo Gallery

America the Beautiful
The following pictures illustrate why America was such a blessed and beautiful country. If you already recognize that, scroll down to see America's future in Saluda, SC.
Green River Gorge, Utah Grand Tetons, Wyoming Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming Hotel at Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming
Traffic at Yellowstone Mineral Hot Springs at Yellowstone Old Faithful Oregon Mountains at Oregon Cave
Oregon Coast Columbia River, Washington Record Redwood Big Sur, California
Grotto Monterey, California California Coast Grand Canyon
Petrified Forest

Now contrast the above with these pictures from Saluda, South Carolina. SC has the third-largest growing Hispanic population, and Saluda County has the largest per capita population of Hispanics in SC.
Imagine how the above beautiful scenes will one day look like Saluda if this invasion is not stopped!
Mexican Truck Outdated Trailer Washing in Creek Sacrificed Calf
Former Cattle Lot Roach-infested Trailer Beer Containers Playing Soccer
Duplex Trailer For Rent Sign Trash from Trailer Leaking Sewage
Abanonded Refrigerators Rumba Lane Warehouse and Dump Goats
Gamecocks Wandering Illegals Taxis House of Ill Repute
Pulpwood Truck Advertising Medicaid Fiesta Billboard Long Live Mexico
Tienda Guatemala Guatemalan Flag XCherokee Mural Bonham House
Gravel Road Water Pollution Buzzards