Mexicans Driving on SC Highways with Mexican License Tags!

The truck below was seen in the town of Saluda, SC at various locations, apparently being driven around. The tag is from Guadalajara, Mexico.
Mexican Truck Rear
Mexican Truck Front

In another incident, I came upon a vehicle being trailered in a driving rainstorm with no lights. This was on I-20 heading west from Columbia towards Atlanta (These photos are taken with a disposable camera, so my apologies for the poor quality.)
No Lights
It was actually more like a caravan, with two sets of vehicles being towed. They were driving much slower than the traffic flow, almost below the legal limit, and dangerously backing up traffic.Caravan

If the front towing vehicle went too fast, it would fishtail and at one point almost hit a vehicle parked in the emergency lane (see white vehicle on white line).

The rear towing vehicle was a Ford F-150 pickup with a crunched hood, a broken sideview mirror and no license tag. Note that the lights are not turned on in the rain. No Tag

The front towing vehicle, a Chevrolet Tahoe, was actually towing TWO VEHICLES! This must be illegal in SC. Note again that no headlights were burning on any of the vehicles in the rain.Towing Two Vehicles

Here's another view of all three.Closeup

As I passed, I noted that the license tag was from Chihuahua, Mexico!!!Mexican License Tag

Here's a closeup of the tag. Closeup

The hood on the rear truck had been crunched in a wreck, and was actually being held down with a bungee cord! (Note the blurred yellow pixels in the center.) At any moment it could fly up, blind the driver and cause a huge wreck with numerous fatalities, killing innocent American citizens.Dangerous Hood